Meat and Poultry Processing

Raw, processed meats and poultry are often one of the areas in the food industry that is the source of the food chain, so are regulated by stringent controls and procedures. As part of these controls washing of containers, trays, and bulk handling equipment is of paramount importance to prevent the transfer of micro-organisms that can be hazardous to health.

Unitech Washing Systems have considerable experience in providing equipment to assist producers in achieving the hygiene standards necessary to meet these strict regulations. With pre-wash systems for the dilution of proteins, detergent wash and sanitizing rinses, available, we provide possibly one of the most hygienic and efficient systems on the market today.

From Dolav, pallets and bulk handling equipment through to trays and chicken shackles, we supply machinery for use throughout your cleaning processes.

PPE equipment is also an area that can be difficult to clean quickly and efficiently, so our machines for the cleaning of knives, scabbards and chainmail gloves are popular within the industry, minimizing labor change over times and ensuring hygienically clean equipment at the start of shift.

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