Pan/Utensil Washers

Unitech pan and utensil washers are fabricated from stainless steel. This compact washing system is suitable for many different types of items. Featuring hygienic construction, free from crevices, pop rivets or sealants, Unitech pan and utensil washers are quick and easy to clean, with minimal downtime.

Unitech Pan/Utensil Washer Features

A variety of wash cycles are available with Unitech pallet washers. These include pre-washing, hot detergent wash, final rinse, sanitizing rinse and air knife blower systems.

Standard high performance features include:

  • Top and bottom rotary cleaning arms
  • Quick release, stainless steel nozzles for full wash coverage
  • Hot pumped rinse – removes detergent residue and assists in flash drying
  • Outside access to filters and level probes for ease of use
  • Designed for operator safety and the ease of loading
  • Washers equipped with wheels, allowing the unit to be easily moved
  • PLC linked to operator HMI allows wide range of wash times and cycles
  • Heating media within the wash tank can be either electric or steam

Unitech Pan/Utensil Washer Advantages

Unitech pan and utensil washers are ideal for catering operations. The catering storage containers, chafing dishes, and cookware used continuously in foodservice must be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Unitech washers are designed for heavy use and eliminate the need for manual washing, while also delivering exceptional results on a consistent basis.

Additional Unitech advantages include:

  • Compact washing system suitable for many different types of products
  • Full cleaning coverage via top and bottom rotary arms
  • Detergent wash cycle followed by a hot pumped rinse up to 85°C
  • Attached wheels allow unit to be easily moved

Built to the highest standards, Unitech pan and utensil washers are engineered to deliver power and performance. The entire washing process can be completed within a short time frame, with each item washed and efficiently rinsed, for optimum productivity.

Please request a quote to learn more about pan and utensil washers from Unitech Washing Systems.

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