Industrial Kitchens/Catering

Industrial kitchens and restaurants can often be busy and confined areas in which to work. One of the mundane, but probably the most important tasks is to effectively clean pots, pans and utensils quickly and efficiently. The Unitech Washing Systems range of machines assist to achieve this goal and can offer fast turnaround of products in as little as 3 minutes, including detergent wash and hot sterilized rinse.

Our pan washer range is possibly the most suited for these types of applications, and are built to withstand the rigors of an industrial kitchen and are mobile to allow them to be moved for cleaning with condensing hoods available to compliment the installation.

Many of these machines are supplied for “plug and play” so that on site commissioning is very rarely required, but is available along with full back up and service packages if required.

Our in-line units for larger applications are built to the same standard and offer quick and easy cleaning minimizing valuable downtime.

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