Pallet Washers

Unitech pallet washers are available as manually loaded units or as complete systems. As with all Unitech systems, these pallet washers are built to follow hygienic design principles, making them an ideal investment for a wide range of applications beyond food and beverage, including logistics and pharmaceuticals.

Unitech Pallet Washer Features

A variety of wash cycles are available with Unitech pallet washers. These include pre-washing, hot detergent wash, final rinse, sanitizing rinse and air knife blower systems.

Standard high performance features include:

  • Stainless steel hygienic construction
  • Effective jetting systems
  • Re-circulated wash systems
  • Rotary and fixed jetting systems
  • Energy efficient

Unitech pallet washers are built to your specifications. Optional performance enhancing features include:

  • Manual or automatic feed options
  • De-stacking and restacking
  • Air knife drying
  • Gas, steam, or electric heating

Unitech Pallet Washer Advantages

Unitech pallet washers automatically de-stack and restack pallets. They’re equipped with stainless steel, quick release jets capable of removing embedded soils from pallet surfaces.

Other Unitech advantages include:

  • Automatic de-stacking and restacking of pallets
  • Re-circulated systems with a range of filtration options
  • Highly efficient design, which minimizes utility and energy usage
  • Designed to reach hard to clean areas of the pallet

Unitech pallet washers deliver excellent results when cleaning even pallets with the heaviest soil. Unitech pallet washers can accommodate a variety of pallet designs and sizes with its adjustable guide systems.

Please request a quote to learn more about pallet washers from Unitech Washing Systems.

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