Tray/Crate Washing Systems for Sanitary Storage Maintenance

In industries ranging from food production to pharmaceuticals, maintaining sanitary conditions is top priority. Product quality and safety, healthy work environment, and regulatory requirements all demand the highest levels of sanitation.

Among the numerous factors influencing cleanliness, proper storage hygiene stands out as a critical component. This is where bin washing systems can be a game changer, offering efficient and effective solutions for keeping storage containers, bins, and totes spotless.

Understanding Container Washing Systems

Tray/Crate washing systems are specialized machines designed to clean and sanitize a variety of storage containers, including plastic bins, totes, crates, and pallets. These systems automate the washing process to ensure consistent and efficient sanitary cleaning, as well as minimal manual labor and resource consumption.

How Tray/Crate Washing Systems Work

Bin washing systems involve a series of washing chambers equipped with targeted jetting nozzles, and sanitizing agents. The soiled trays or items are loaded onto a conveyor belt and fed into the washing chamber, where they undergo a multi-stage cleaning process consisting of:

  • Pre-wash – Products enter a pre-wash cycle, during which loose debris and residues are rinsed off using high-pressure water jets.
  • Main Wash – Products move on to the main wash chamber, where they are scrubbed, sprayed, and sanitized using a combination of water, detergents, and disinfectants. Temperature and chemical sensors may be incorporated to ensure optimal cleaning.
  • Rinse – After the cleaning, the products undergo a thorough rinse to remove any remaining detergent or sanitizer residues, ensuring they emerge free from contaminants.
  • Drying – Bins are dried using air blowers or other drying mechanisms, ready to be unloaded and returned to service. Levels of dryness can depend on container design and speed.

Advantages of Tray/Crate Washing Systems

Hygiene Assurance

Automated washing systems provide a high level of hygiene assurance, effectively eliminating bacteria, pathogens, and contaminants that may compromise product integrity or create health risks.


Cleaning process automation with container washing systems streamlines operations, reducing turnaround time and increasing productivity. This is especially beneficial in high-volume environments where large numbers of bins require frequent cleaning.


With standardized cleaning protocols and automated processes,container washing systems ensure consistent cleaning results, eliminating variability and minimizing the risk of human error.

Resource Optimization

In- line washing systems are designed to optimize resource usage, including water, energy, and cleaning agents. This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with sustainability goals by minimizing environmental impact.


For industries subject to strict regulatory standards, such as food processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing, bin washing systems help ensure compliance with hygiene and sanitation regulations, avoiding costly fines or legal repercussions.

Unitech Bin Washing System Advantages

The unique design of Unitech washing systems allows for easier cleaning of equipment, reducing the problem of trapped bacteria. An innovative optional filtration system allows heavy debris or protein-based products to be pre-washed from the bins. This feature keeps soil from entering the main wash reservoir, minimizing both detergent and water usage.

Additional Unitech advantages include:

  • Customizable, energy efficient washer design
  • Complete washing – internally and externally
  • Programmable to provide varying degrees of cleaning in one system

Unitech washers are constructed using the latest hygienic principles and best practices. Our team is committed to producing the highest quality cleaning systems that deliver reliable results. Contact us to discuss your needs.