Tray Washers Efficiently Ensure Food Safety

In the food processing industry, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene is critical to health and safety, as well as regulatory compliance. Tray washing systems are a highly effective and efficient option for assuring health and hygiene standards are maintained.

What Are the Benefits of Food Processing Tray Washers?

Manually washing large volumes of trays is time consuming and operationally inefficient. Automated tray washers offer a much more efficient alternative, capable of washing several thousand trays per hour. Tray washers are automated systems designed to efficiently clean and sanitize trays used in various stages of food production and packaging. The significance of these systems goes beyond mere convenience. They are highly effective in preventing cross-contamination, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses, and maintaining the integrity of the entire production process.

Tray Washers Offer Powerful Cleaning Capabilities

One of the primary benefits of automated tray washers is their ability to remove stubborn residues and contaminants from trays effectively and efficiently. In busy food processing environments, trays often carry remnants of raw ingredients, oils, and other substances that can harbor harmful bacteria. If the cleaning process is inadequate, this may not only compromise the quality of the final product but also pose a serious health risk to consumers.

Automated Tray Washing Systems Free Up Labor Resources

Tray washers improve the overall efficiency of the production line by reducing the burden on human labor resources. Manual cleaning methods are time-consuming and ergonomically problematic for employees. Fatigue and discomfort can lead to poor cleaning results. Automated tray washers, on the other hand, can handle a large volume of trays with precision and consistency, ensuring that each tray is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This not only streamlines operations but also reduces the labor burden on the facility.

Regulatory Compliance Is Easier With Automated Tray Washing

In an era where food safety regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, dependable and effective tray washers are a wise investment for any food processing facility. These systems are designed with hygiene standards in mind, incorporating features such as high-pressure water jets, temperature control, and the use of food-safe detergents.

How Unitech Tray Washing Systems Improve Operations

Unitech has been answering the need for reliable, robust, high performance washing systems for the food, logistics and hygienic conscious industries worldwide. Unitech has remained at the forefront of this market with a complete line of innovative washing solutions, including tray washers.

A recent example of how our automated tray washing technology has improved operations is illustrated by a custom designed and built tray washer our team developed for a Yorkshire based handmade bakery products supplier. The system was designed to clean 18 x 30 bakery trays efficiently with low energy consumption. Unitech worked with the company to develop a system that met their goals and needs, following a process that included extensive feasibility studies and trials. The production facility was highly pleased with the results.

Unitech Is Your Source for Industrial and Commercial Tray Washers

Efficient tray washers are indispensable in upholding the highest standards of food safety. Unitech is your source for the industry’s most dependable tray washers for use in both industrial and commercial settings. Our systems feature a tunnel jet washing system that provides a continuous in-line washing for a broad range of trays and crates. Washing speeds range from 100 to 6000 units per hour.