Tunnel Washers

Unitech sets the industry standard for tunnel washers, delivering proven utility savings over comparable washers. Offering combined benefits of performance and cost-efficiency, Unitech is the ideal choice for a variety of industrial washing needs. Unitech tunnel washers can be customized to meet specific needs while maintaining water and energy efficiency.

Unitech Tunnel Washer Features

Unitech tunnel jet washers provide continuous in-line washing for trays and crates. Pressures of 60-80 psi deliver an effective wash using stainless steel quick release fan jets, meaning all surfaces of the product are completely cleaned.

Unitech’s superior performance features include:

  • Hygienic construction
  • Pop rivets
  • Stainless steel crevice free construction
  • Elimination of stitch welds
  • High performance sealants
  • Continuous in-line washing
  • Variable speed drives
  • Hinged access doors, electrically interlocked

Unitech tunnel washers can be specified in speed ranges from 100 units per hour up to 6000 units per hour. Designed to meet the needs of every application, Unitech offers custom options, such as high pressure jetting for the removal of labels and stubborn debris. Other optional features include:

  • Single and twin track options
  • Heating via electric, steam or gas
  • Pre-wash and heated rinse options
  • Air knife blowers for water removal
  • Heated drying tunnels
  • Automatic filtration option

Unitech Tunnel Washer Advantages

Designed with hygiene in mind, Unitech tunnel washers feature sloping surfaces to help reduce downtime needed for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Other advantages include:

  • Unitech’s tunnel jet design offers continuous in-line washing for crates and trays
  • Effective cleaning is provided via stainless steel, quick release 360° jetting
  • Multiple pre-wash, wash, rinse, sanitizing and drying options are available

To ensure compliance with the latest industry standards, Unitech basket washers and box washers are developed in conjunction with food hygienists.

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Compact and Hygienic Systems

From our compact tunnel washer through to our large high speed systems, our philosophy is built around hygiene, efficiency and simplicity, making our range of machines easy to clean, maintain and use, whilst providing excellent performance.

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Air Knife Drying Systems

When dryer components are needed on exit from our Tunnel or Box Washing Systems, we can add a custom Air Knife System to reduce the amount of residual water left from the process. Air Knives can be coupled with a Heat Tunnel to increase effectiveness even more.

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