Transport of containers between distribution centers, suppliers and stores in large quantities, means that contamination is easily generated, especially when some of these trays/boxes are often stored outside ready for collection. Food industry suppliers expect trays to be delivered clean ready for processed goods to be packed, and stores require clean presentable trays to be used at point of sale facing the public. This is where the Unitech Washing Systems range of tray and crate washers come into their own. With machines capable of washing from 100 through to 6000 units per hour, and with various wash stages available from pre-wash, detergent wash, high pressure label removal, rinse and air knife drying systems, there is a machine within the range to suit any application.

Unitech Washing Systems have a vast experience within the logistics industry and are proud to supply machines to many recognized blue chip companies worldwide. Minimized utility usages along with robust, hygienic construction provide our clients with systems that often operate 24 hours per day consistently, with minimal downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

Pallets can also be hygienically washed for distribution, alongside the tray washers so that clean trays are re-loaded onto clean pallets providing a complete system. Automated systems can also be offered, with automatic de-stacking through to re-palletizing, maximizing efficiency.

Often these machines are situated in distribution centers with minimal engineering back up, so our after sales and service packages can prove useful for many customers.

Please contact us for more information on our range or visit our industrial washing systems section for more information.

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