From totes and crates for transportation, to in-house tubs, buckets and chocolate molds, Unitech Washing Systems have supplied machines for carrying out cleaning of these products. Fats and temperature dependent soiling are just some of the issues faced with cleaning within the confectionary industry, but we have equipment that can cope with the most stubborn soiling.

Our pan wash systems offer a compact and flexible washing process allowing sterilization rinse and even RO rinses to ensure water marks are removed from molds, and for a faster process, our in-line equipment caters for many different types of product that can enhance any wash room. With hygienic Stainless Steel crevice free construction, our range of machines can be installed in any area of the facility, and offer a consistent level of cleaning to ensure high quality at all times.

If your requirement is improved quality and efficiency, then please contact us for more details, or visit our Industrial Washing Systems section for more information.

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