From small Artisan bakeries and shops, through to high speed industrial bakery plants, Unitech Washing Systems construct and install machines to carry out the cleaning of racks, trays, baskets and utensils at various different speeds and cycles, from within our extensive range.

Our pan washers are suitable for many different products, allowing flexibility of use and maximizing the potential of any wash room, and can be supplied with condensing hoods for smaller installations.

High speed industrialized systems are supported by our in-line machines, washing stainless steel and aluminum trays, plastic tubs and buckets. Racks can be cleaned using our rack wash systems, often used in tandem with tray and wire washers to increase the productivity within an industrial bakery wash area.

We also have high pressure systems for wires, allowing fast and easy cleaning, utilizing our unique rotary drive system, and in-line filtration, again minimizing wash times.

Please contact us or visit our Industrial Washing Systems section for more information.

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