Box Washers

The Unitech name is trusted throughout the food and beverage industry for reliable cleaning solutions. Unitech basket and box washers deliver excellent performance in both low and high risk areas with no spec changes needed.

Unitech Box Washer Features

Unitech basket and box washers are ideally suited for washing baskets, boxes, crates, pallets, tote bins, utensils and more. From stand-alone units to fully integrated systems, our team will design a custom basket and box washer unit to your specific requirements. Unitech’s superior performance features include:

  • Hygienic construction with sloping surfaces
  • Crevice free construction – no stitch welding, pop rivets, or silicone sealants
  • Variety of pre-wash, wash, rinse, sanitizing, and drying options
  • Tunnel jet design offers continuous in-line washing 

Unitech Box Washer Advantages

A continuous in-line washing solution for baskets and boxes, Unitech’s tunnel jet washers are powerful enough to clean remnants and debris from food, and even plastic fragments. 

Effective and environmentally friendly, Unitech washers feature stainless steel, quick release fan jets, using washing pressures of 60-80psi to ensure that all surfaces of the product are thoroughly cleaned.

  • Stainless steel, quick release fan jets provide effective cleaning 
  • Washing pressures of 60-80 psi ensure thorough cleaning of all surfaces
  • Pre-wash, wash, rinse, sanitizing and drying options available
  • Minimized utility usage
  • Improved wash quality

To ensure compliance with the latest industry standards, Unitech basket washers and box washers are developed in conjunction with food hygienists. 

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Box Washer

Inline Box Washers

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High Pressure Wash Systems

For stubborn soiling such as cooked product, labels e.t.c our high pressure wash sections can be incorporated into many of our machines, enabling normal “pre-soak” operations to be minimized.

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Air Knife Drying Systems

When dryer components are needed on exit from our Tunnel or Box Washing Systems, we can add a custom Air Knife System to reduce the amount of residual water left from the process. Air Knives can be coupled with a Heat Tunnel to increase effectiveness even more.

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Robotic Palletiser

Robotic palletiser and aligning system, inverting and stacking lidded tote boxes following washing.

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